The more challenging, the better


Our objective

Our objective is to help our clients realize their dreams. This means working with principals, their architects, designers and staff in a creative but thoroughly professional way.

We are used to big, complicated projects. We often work with other experts, including architects and designers, to deliver a joined-up result. This is why we put such a high value on project management and quality control.

Our objective is to help our clients realize their dreams.

There is no such thing as a typical project but most of them include the following phases:


Fact-finding. We meet the client principal or their designer or architect and listen hard. We want to understand the project inside out.

Concept development.

We brainstorm, research, discover, create and illustrate possible solutions. We construct 3D mockups and artwork to explain our ideas.


We engineer the dream. We apply our skills to solving any problems and making the project possible. We provide detailed blueprints.


Most of our projects are built to order from custom-made components. We order them from suppliers and assemble everything in our warehouse in California for testing, quality assurance and configuration. Finally, we install systems on-site.